Akuko is a platform for creating data stories, dashboards and apps. Create custom data experiences If you can dream it, you can build it. Use Akuko's simple no code interface to build rich interactive experiences to communicate insights from data. These include data stories, dashboards, embeddable maps or data apps. Connect your data Perform queries lighting fast From your favorite database, to Google Sheets, CSV or GeoJSON uploads, we've got you covered. Enrich your data source with custom dimensions and measures. Build with components Add Maps, Charts, Tables, Cards and more Select your post type and choose from a wide selection of components. Add filters to highlight relationships in your data. Make beautiful maps Visualize your data in seconds Create maps with multiple layers from different data sources. Add custom markers and labels and fine tune colors. Join your data against your own geometries or use our library of administrative boundaries. Collaborate and publish Share with your team or the world Share privately with team members in your own space or make public for anyone to view. Use embeds to include Akuko components in your website or blog. Extend your brand Publish custom data portals and microsites Customize your space to match your brand and add a custom domain. Akuko app Akuko app Akuko app Akuko app Akuko app Akuko app